The sugar-coated pop icon with the deep tan, frosted hair tips and giant white Katherine Hamnett T-shirts was gone. He wore himself completely on his sleeve.

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Well fuck off then. Dressed as a police officer, Micheal celebrates what happened in a public toilet which then becomes a disco. Little-known fact but Michael was very political as well and had strong leftist sympathies.

Because of his public and vocal disapproval of the war, he also raised the ire of another right-wing nut, Rupert Murdoch who then saw to it that Michael was painted as a troubled, mentally unstable, drug-addled dirty gay man in all his newspapers and tabloids. At the time, Michael was attacked viciously for his stance but now in hindsight, he was right on the money.

Taylor Swift? Katy Perry? Justin Timberlake? Yeah right. Micheal battled depression for most of his adult life and things like grief and dealing with fame compounded it. He also admitted he was extremely emotionally immature and stunted when he first became famous. I think that would explain his risky behavior, drug addiction and troubled life. Apparently he was very cognizant of the world politically and it affected him deeply how much people were suffering and used his money to help others. So to avoid the embarrassment, they do everything secretly. He was constantly making fun of himself in interviews.

One of my personal heroes is Queen guitarist Brian May. This year has cruelly taken so many fine people way too young. And George?

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That gentle boy? All that beautiful talent? RIP George. Sing with Freddie. And the Angels. Mostly because of just complete and utter disgust. Instead of standing for their principles and protesting in the streets when Sanders was jettisoned which they should have done , they let their worst fears guide them and they manifested it. Let this be a lesson that when collective fear sets it, it can realize its own worst nightmare scenario.

All good things to be sure but they lost sight of the true struggle. To use a Marxist-Leninist term which many Americans are very uncomfortable with, they lost sight of the CLASS struggle which this planet is engulfed in right now and which is now in their own backyard. In fact, they should be called neo-liberals, not liberals because of the fusion with big money. The DNC turned their back on the working poor, the middle class and blue-collar class, the marginalised, people who are really suffering.

This is where the votes were.

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This is where the discontent is. This is where real power lies. Trump played this crowd like a fiddle and got in. He understood that kind of populism, albeit the vulgar variety. If they want to win elections in the future, they need to turn their back on Big Money and go back to the proletariat. I do however see change coming from the masses, and in particular the young.

And any doctor will tell you when they think something is wrong, diagnostic tests are called for, blood tests, urine tests , ultrasounds and x-rays. Likewise, I see absolutely nothing wrong is running regular diagnostics on any electoral system, make sure everything is working correctly. Further proof of how yellow-bellied the DNC is if you ask me. Another thing: The mainstream media, newspaper columnists, television political pundits, political scientists failed completely.

Not one of them, not a single political scientist or academic correctly predicted Trump, save maybe three. The third is Slovenian rock-star Marxist philosopher Slavoj Zizek. Zizek is also correct that this is the best possible time to re-organize, re-strategize and re-think everything. Both Carl Boudreau and Steve Judd have pointed out there is a very strange and unusual influx of energy in the last week or so of December. Nothing has been set in stone and this is still a fluid situation.

To use imagery from the tarot deck, The Fool has shown up. Brace yourselves but do it happily. People who were wildly pro-Bernie becoming pro-Hilary. People who I thought were more libertarian suddenly becoming Trump fanatics, like Alex Jones. Anthony Weiner.

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Russian hackers. Whoever America elects, it will be the person the country deserves. Having an intensely-guarded political system that they do, which only allows a binary choice, which was only able to cough up two intensely despicable candidates is a sign of political and ideological immaturity.

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I hate Trump because of everything. Race baiting. His family. His persona. His hair. Support from the KKK. Just everything. He was actually one of the architects of the Iraq war but then realized the whole thing was fraudulent and did a degree turn.

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The astrological climate is NOT clear. In fact astrologers are saying that whoever is elected will probably either be a one-term president or will not complete their term and that the election, like in , may be highly contested. Whoever gets in, will surely have one of the most dogged presidencies ever. Other than that, it would seem things in the cosmos are finally going forward after either stagnating or causing confusion.

The bottleneck has finally opened up. It would seem that October may be one of those months that goes down into the history books. Maybe not world history but more likely in our own personal history books and journals. Astrologers seem to be feeling both excitement and trepidation over October One thing that seems unanimous is that the third week of October from the 17th to the 23rd would be a good time to call in sick, disappear, make yourself scarce and just get the hell out of the way of the symbolic chairs which may be flying during the proverbial bar room brawl and wait it out until the dust settles.

Brutal, yank-you-out-of-humdrum-change seems to be the name of the game here. Of note is the trigger-happy Mars-Pluto conjunction on Oct. Carl Boudreau writes:. Both Pluto and Mars will be in forward motion. The conjunction is taking place in cardinal signs. Also, this is the first and only time the conjunction will be exact. These factors suggest a powerful detonation. The general excess of lunar energy will further multiply its psychosocial side effects. It will doubtless generate some very upsetting headlines in the runup, during, and in the aftermath of the blast.

The natural and man-made disasters, the violent confrontations, the bitter public controversies it inflames will be impressive, I think. But the potentially catastrophic effects will be the least of it. They are likely to be limited in number and localized. If you need to change yourself or your life for the better, putting things off when you know you should just deal with it, this is the time to do it, in a good way.

By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes. In the US, I think it has also been exacerbated by the Trump presidential campaign. It seems every racist, bigot, KKK member have crawled out from underneath the rocks they were hiding under and are on full display. Proudly I might add. A proper picture of Donald Trump, with the fly sitting unnoticed on his hair.

Flies usually land and stay on spots which are very dirty.

It's time to wake up to the world and the time that we live in

I make no secret that I was really hoping Bernie Sanders would get the nomination but alas, our worst suspicions turned out to be true. I doubt the DNC will ever get the confidence and trust of progressive voters but it would seem that a possible Trump presidency is the biggest evil to deal with.

However if anyone thinks that Shillary Clinton will stick to the progressive platform the DNC nailed out, they are in for a rude awakening. Already Wall Street money has come roaring back in funding her campaign after lying low during the nomination process. A good starting point is getting over the whole race thing.