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The Seventh House

I am at least 16 years of age. I have read and accept the privacy policy. But this is someone easygoing, endowed with a pleasant character, who likes good things. You appreciate, as said above, their appearance, which is often that of classical beauty: a regular face, large eyes, an obvious class. We stay with the traditional, you are not so attracted by any effects that are too spectacular: you need a quiet strength, someone who can reassure you, a good friend, with a good job You finally need their loyalty and great fidelity. You really appreciate having the time to take your marks.

Ideally, you will meet someone who is involved in your daily life. As Venus governs this house, there are chances that artistic activities will allow you to find an affinity. The sharing of sensory pleasures is just as essential. It is also impossible for you to conceive of life together without a cozy decor and multiple opportunities to enjoy the pleasures of life.

The kitchen and the restaurants are natural places to find you! Otherwise, you enjoy just as much walks in nature and simple joys. This position predisposes you to having to deal with material aspects in relationships. Whether proof of love or financial income, you are very demanding. The other will probably be as stubborn as you, unable to adapt to the changes that the natural evolution requires. As you have fought an uphill battle to make the break up impossible, you can be trapped, in love as in business.

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Chinese Elements. Astro Mindset. Ascendant signs. Descendant signs. Astrology throughout the World. Your natal chart is a two-dimensional version of all of that movement through the heavens. Everything that will happen to you throughout the course of your life, astrologically-speaking, is reflected in your chart, as well as the potential effect any movement, or transit, of a planet or other heavenly object, has on the specific points of your chart.

What You See versus What You Get: The Rising Sign (And More)

When it comes to being alone, though, most people who come to me are looking for some kind of reassurance that this desert, with its lack of possibilities, will not last. And further, to what extent is this person capable of being in a relationship? How comfortable you are with aloneness lies on a continuum. Consciously, we know and accept as adults that there are going to be times spent alone. Even in a marriage there can be times of alone-ness and even loneliness.

And, from an astrological perspective, some people are simply better at coping with being alone. The Ascendant is crucial to understanding how planetary movement affects your chart, and is determined, of course, by your date, place, and time of birth.

Without the specific time you were born, we can really only estimate which house or houses your transits are going through, and transits are the second key to the timing of your chart. The Ascendant is also a valuable place to begin an analysis of how you approach relationships, because the Ascendant, amongst its other functions, shows me what your fundamental worldview is, the attitude you bring with you into life and into new beginnings. Your Ascendant is your doorway into life. Not every Ascendant sign is in love with the Descendant sign, and not all Ascendants or Descendants are necessarily compatible.

The planet that rules the sign on that Ascendant is your ruling planet, and that means that if other things aspect your ruling planet, they carry more weight than even your Sun which is much less important than Sun sign astrology would have you believe.

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After looking at the Ascendant, I will later in this series go house by house in the natal chart, to examine how the individual might cope overall with loneliness and being alone. Keep in mind as we go that aspects in the natal chart qualify the outcome for each person; in other words, I always look first at aspects to those planets most people find most difficult to integrate into their lives usually the outers, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. However, Saturn is very much implicated until the person learns how to work through life issues by assuming responsibility for his or her share in a problem.

When young, an Aries ASC person is usually far too busy to have time for a serious relationship, so I would give this person a lot of time before you ask him or her to even think about settling down. They attract people looking for a serious relationship, or people who bring them problems to solve and fires to put out. Aries rising is typically comfortable with being alone, seeing the ability to endure hardship as a virtue and a strength, unless there are certain energies tugging at her, such as planets in signs that Aries finds tedious.

Libra on the Descendant, unfortunately for Aries rising, too often brings people who sort of desperately want to be in a relationship, so Aries rising gets the reputation for pushing away as many potential long-term lovers as possible, unless, of course, Aries leaps into a relationship very early in life and only leaves it if forced to. This simple equation is not true, because people and relationships are not something you acquire.

Scorpio on the Descendant tends toward power plays, which means the Taurus rising person could attract partners who want to control her, want to dominate her, want to make her dance to his tune. The Taurus Ascendant person has to stay conscious to stay out of emotional traps he himself sets with Scorpio on the Descendant.

Taurus rising believes in making something of herself before committing to a relationship, and yet that Scorpio Descendant has other plans. However, take into account that some Scorpio Descendants attract a partner with high ideals and almost rigid self-control. In that case, the Taurus Ascendant gets to loosen up a little and stop worrying so much about whether or not his grand plans will ever achieve fruition. They like to be in a lot of different types of relationships, and might not care too much about when one ends and the next begins.